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i am so happy right now :)

Family matters — a lot — and This Is Us is proving it in charming and clever ways. NBC’s new dramedy is winning viewers with a fairly novel take on the family drama/comedy, one that toys with time, convention, and, sure, our emotions. Which is why we decided to go behind the scenes of the feel-good hit of the fall in this week’s EW cover story.

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Milo talks about his favorite aspects of the saga!

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So, I get Google alerts for anything Milo related, and I found an eBay listing for the 1995 El Modena High School yearbook. That's the year Milo graduated. Take a look at the price tag! :o

There are some scans of the yearbook, with pages that have Milo pictures. Some of them are ones I haven't seen before, like the one behind the cut

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There's a small new pic of Milo (at least one I've never seen before), as well as a preview paragraph on what S3 of HEROES will be about. Slight spoilers, just a general "This is what we're gonna do this season" description.

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Credit to [livejournal.com profile] _theo for the scan :]
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Phew! I'm tired. LOL. If anyone has any problems with the scans then let me know.
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I will scan L'uomo Vogue and Corduroy and a little In Touch article later...or tomorrow.
ETA: the third pic might not show up for some so I scanned it again at the bottom.

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Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia, 30, is featured in the March 2008 issue of GQ and talks a bit about his (dating) relationship with 18-year-old costar Hayden Panettiere.

HALO. That’s what the blogs are calling you and Hayden. Does the nickname bug you? You know what, man—it makes me smile.

If you two are dating, why not just say so? I read you bought the girl a ring from Tiffany’s! When you’re in the public eye, you try to keep whatever you can private. People can speculate and talk. But what can you do—stop living your life?

Hayden was GQ’s Obsession of the Year. Did you like those photos? Yes, I did. They were very nice.



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All thanks to Kelly over at FanForum for this gorgeous bit 'o business!

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