Apr. 19th, 2017

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Hey everybody!

Just want to say a quick hello, for the first time here ;)

I managed to import this community from lj yesterday - the reasons are similar to many of the new members and communities these days, I assume. 

First I am really sorry about the layout at the moment, I hope I find the time to change it in the next few days. 
Second, I am really sorry, but it looks like all video codes aren´t work anymore, but I already know that this is sadly a known problem, which brings me directy to the third point: You can find the link to the old lj community in the sidebar. The lj community will be still available, because of all the videos, and I am not sure if anything got lost during the import.

soooooooo the quick hello was a bit longer than I thought *lol* I really hope this community here gets as many members as the old one :)

^^ see u soon I hope!


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