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Hey everybody!

Just want to say a quick hello, for the first time here ;)

I managed to import this community from lj yesterday - the reasons are similar to many of the new members and communities these days, I assume. 

First I am really sorry about the layout at the moment, I hope I find the time to change it in the next few days. 
Second, I am really sorry, but it looks like all video codes aren´t work anymore, but I already know that this is sadly a known problem, which brings me directy to the third point: You can find the link to the old lj community in the sidebar. The lj community will be still available, because of all the videos, and I am not sure if anything got lost during the import.

soooooooo the quick hello was a bit longer than I thought *lol* I really hope this community here gets as many members as the old one :)

^^ see u soon I hope!


Dec. 11th, 2010 04:02 pm
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1. Be nice. Please treat your fellow members with respect.
2. If there are any locked Members Only posts, the contents are not to be shared outside of this community.
3. If you post spoilers (from Heroes, other movies etc.) please use a cut and include a warning about it!
4. If your entry is long, use a cut!
5. If you're posting news, please remember to add the original source to your entry.
6. Please remember to tag your entries with our existing tags
7. When posting a picspam, use a cut tag, with only one image above the cut tag.
8. Just ONE (old) screencap or old picture, wrongly tagged and nothing else on your post is not allowed.
9. If you want pimp your community or affiliate with us, please contact the mods!
10. Optional: Introduce yourself to the community, copy and paste the survey which can be found here or here (you can choose which one do you want to fill) into a new post on the community.

If you have any question feel free to ask in the comments :)

New Tags!

Dec. 11th, 2010 12:32 am
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 Hey all! I am the second mod now, and just finished to manage the whole tag thing :) - It was a really really hard work for 2 days, to look through all the posts since 2007, but now it is done :D

Hope everybody like the easier handling with the tags now - I tried to sorting the whole tagging system, so that will be a easier way to post, or find older news :)

If there are any probs, feel free to ask.

Last but not least, I want to thank foxsyd for this awesome place for Milo fans, and for the change to be a mod :) and of course ix_mellonin for this cool layout :) - By the way, we will change the header monthly, because I made one too :)

So now I am really really tired, and I hope that I don´t dream of tags this night. *lol*

PS: I am from Austria, my mother languages isn´t english too, so I say sorry for any mistakes, which I will make for sure :)
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Hello everyone!

First of all, please forgive my english it's not my first language and I'm sure I'm going to make several mistakes.

The lovely [ profile] foxsyd started this awesome Milo community and from now on me and [ profile] rolliraserin will be your new mods.

I used a pre-made layout for the community's new look and customized it for our needs. The maincontent part is now wider, you can post videos, pictures etc. up to 600 px :) The header and the sidebar graphic is made by me. If you see anything weird and odd with the new layout, just let me know, I'll see what can I do for you :)

[ profile] rolliraserin 's part was the tags, she renewed the tagging system and she's working on it right now too. Im sure she'll have a post after she's done with it, so if you'll have a question about the tags, just ask her later!

I'm going to post the new rules/faq page later but don't panic, nothing hardcore will change, we just expanded the old rules a bit :)

So I think this is all I wanted to say, have a nice day everyone and tell me what you think about the new layout ;)


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