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Hey guys,

I'm looking for the video commentary Milo did with Grunny for the Heroes' episode Exposed. I can't find it on any websites anymore, either because it has been taken down or the website has gone down. I REALLLY want it!!

So I'm wondering, has anyone downloaded it or has it saved?

Much appreciated :)
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 Yesterday night I browsed google, looking for some Milo fansites blogs, and so on,  in hope of finding something new, or something I don´t know.  Finally without success.  

So dear Milo fans, can anybody give me some links, I would be really happy about some sites perhaps I don´t know, and of course I´ll post my favourite sites, if anybody is interested in.

Thanks in advance! :)
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 I remember, I found it awhile back.  It's a Milo fansite but consists mostly of video clips.  The header had a 9th Wonders video feel to it.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about? 
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i don't suppose there's any chance that one of you lovelies has the larger image from whence my icon came?

if so, i will love you forever.



Aug. 26th, 2009 03:36 pm
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Okay, this is an idea that came indirectly from Grunny's Twitter. Apparently, there's some site called 365Black.com and he threw out a bunch of other ideas, culminating in: 365Grunny. So I figured, why not do a project with 365 Milo? A different picture each day, the entry tagged with 365. They can be old pictures, new pictures, with the DSC, with his costars, that baby picture that's floating around, anything. I say we start September 1. No order, no rhyme or reason, just to see if we can find 365 different pictures of Milo for a year.

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 Hey guys!  Not a lot of Milo stuff going on as of right now.  Are you going through Milo withdrawal?  I've made a bunch of updates on my site including pictures, quotes, interviews, etc.  Pretty much every page has been updated.  I'm certain there's something there that even the most avid Milo Ventimiglia fan hasn't seen before.  Check it out if you have a spare moment.  Thanks for visiting.  www.miloventimigliadsc.com
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Hey guys,

Sorry if this is not allowed, but it's the only way I could think of to get in touch with everyone!

If you are going to NYCC and want to take part in a special DSC Berserker project, comment with your email address! The DSC are doing something special for Milo and Russ, and I need a headcount of how many I need to make ;)



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I'm hoping this ok, apolgies if it's not,

For my French coursework we have to do a piece on a famous person and obviously I chose Milo.

Just I've come to a dead end with stuff to add, and I'm looking for not very well known facts, info on any theatre work and the like, favourite quotes, more info on his upbringing and the like or anything you find really interesting about Milo. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Kind of random, but, I'm redoing my LJ layout and I was wondering . . . Does anyone here know where I might find a nice mood theme of season 3 Peter and future!Peter? If at all possible? :x Just kind of hoping someone might know something, because I'm lazy and don't want to try and make one XD
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Okay, I'm just assuming here that someone's gonna make a vid of this. Whomever does do that, I need your help. I need some caps of the interview, specifically in the beginning Milo reacts to a shoutout and then at the end where he points out at the audience and then at himself. I showed my DSC pride today on Kimmel! Nearly got myself kicked out--seriously without even knowing! It seems they no longer allow shoutouts and I did a DSC one. Even in the second row to the back, Milo saw my shirt. :D My recently found shirt, I must add. I stumbled upon it when I was getting ready. Very, very good day today. If anybody can over help for the caps, I will be very, very grateful!

My friend [livejournal.com profile] lijeyeshaveit and I did two voiceposts (vp 1 and vp 2) on my LJ after we watched the show. (massive warning on random fangirl squeeing. Keep your volume low if you listen to it.)

I can't believe we were the only two DSC people there! If there were any others, they weren't outing themselves. So much fun times, though.
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Any pics/caps/info on THIS?:

0_0 *FHY$%YGDD*


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