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Aug. 21st, 2012 12:52 pm
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Here are a few pics I forgot to post. Sorry I haven´t a source anymore, so please comment if u know it, or if u posted it anywhere, so I can edit the source :)

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by the way, I hate his blond hair for this movie :D, normally I like blond guys too, but Milo looks really ... unfamiliar :D
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When I went to the Golden Apple Rest signing a while back I was so overwhelmed with the reality of Milo's gorgeousness that I absolutely froze at the moment of confrontation. I think I said "Hi" and my name "Natalie". Fascinating, right? Exactly. So in the weeks leading up to this past Sunday's Collectors Paradise Berserker signing I tried to prepare myself. My mantra was "Be cool. Be cool. Don't spazz." My cousin, my best friend and I arrived at the shop at about 11:30, claimed the last spot inside the blessedly air conditioned store and in the last few Milo free moments I was totally cool. My companions were woefully under-educated regarding all things comic, nerdy and geeky so I had to do a lot of explaining.

Then Milo arrived...sigh...my mantra was gone. All that admirable levelheadedness was booted by a case of the giggles. Not laughter. Not chuckles. Giggling, as if I was 12, intolerably stupid and sitting through a sex ed course.

I giggled as I took the stalker-ish photos from across the room, as I told my friends who "those other guys" were, as we planned who would take pictures of who. Giggling is so not me. But I could not stop! I tried desperately to calm my belligerence as I had my book signed by Jeff and Russ....but the battle was lost as soon as Milo looked at me and said "Thanks for coming out." That messy Jess-esque hair, those eyes....swoooon!

I said "Hi" (deja vu) and dissolved once more. Apparently...giggling works better than shocked silence. I apologized for my silliness with a brilliant "I'm sorry" and...you guys aren't gonna believe this, its amaaaaazing. He said "Whats to apologize for? Beautiful smile and laugh..." Yeah you can squeal 'cause I did! But wait, wait! It gets even better! Like all the others before and after me, I asked for a picture and when I leaned in for my cousin to snap the shot he didn't just put a hand on the small of my back or make the classic Jess smirk that melts me completely....he rested his head on my shoulder. I could actually feel his wonderfully tousled hair tickling the side of my face and neck....sigh...I squealed of course, so loud, and let my head drop onto his. I don't think I regained all my cognitive functions for about 24 hours. Even now, reminiscing, I can't remove this idiotic smile from my face.


It was so AMAZING that I don't even care that I came out looking like a lunatic hehehe. Wow...good times. :)
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So I got the pleasure of meeting Milo yesterday at the comic signing and it was quite the event. I was incredibly excited and pleased to see that he was so nice and down to Earth. I have some pictures behind the cut.

And yes he really is that good looking in person )
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 Hey guys.  It's not the panel.  It's three videos of Milo at the Top Cow booth and then Milo at the signing.  Youtube:  drofpainDSC
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Hey guys.  Check out my write up about NY Comic Con in my LJ.  Thanks.
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Hello everybody! I just got back from the New York Comic Con yesterday and I've typed up a recap here in my journal -------> THE EPIC POST OF THE EPIC AWESOMENESS THAT WAS MEETING MILO VENTIMIGLIA!

It is open to the public and be warned, there is a lot of swearing in there. I like to drop f-bombs when I'm excited XD I mean, we're all adults here though, right?

Anyway, yeah, I thought you guys might appreciate it, being Milo fans and all. :D
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This was last week at the NBC Store signing, but I have been busy/photobucket has been slow. Sorry for the delay, but it's never a bad time to see Milo pics!

I took a bunch, but I only posted the ones where he looks the best/are from the closest.
here )

Yeah, it was a good day. :D



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