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A clip from Milo's upcoming film, Armored.

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Armored is scheduled to release December 4th!
First Promo Pics(I think)

Second image is quite big )

Will you be seeing it?
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From ComingSoon.net:
Taking a quick break from shooting to talk to us, Milo Ventimiglia was very friendly and chatted rather eagerly about Armored as he stood wiping the dirt and faux blood off his hands and onto his grimy officer's uniform. The "Heroes" star had caked dirt and fake cuts on his face and was good-humored as he joked with ComingSoon.net about his beat up appearance.

Read the interview HERE and the full on-set report HERE.

Armored hits the theaters on December 4th.
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I took some caps from the HQ Armored trailer on apple.com, and I thought I'd share them with you guys. :D

Cut for hotness and spoilers? )
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OMG, guys! It looks so great!!!! (and this time Milo is definitely in it, only... well, you'll see!)


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