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kiss of the damned Q & A

Q & A for #sxsw us premiere of Kiss of the Damned with dir xan casavettes, milo ventimiglia

source http://twitpic.com/cax60j
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During an interview with Collider, Ventimiglia explained, “It’s been a busy year. I’ve got Kiss of the Damned coming out on May 2nd. I’ve got Grown Ups 2 coming out this summer. I’ve got Killing Season with [Robert] DeNiro and [John] Travolta coming out in the fall. And then, hopefully, Grace of Monaco, the one I just shot with Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth in Europe, comes out in December.
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Love streams and bloodstreams messily cross in a steamy but clunky plunge into vampire lore, hipster-indie style.

more here
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.....an erotic vampire film that will make its world premiere as the closing night film of International Critics' Week at the Venice Film Festival this Friday September 7th.


hope that I can watch it soon :)
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This pic and an article on the movie are here!
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Don´t know if it is a rumor or not - found nothing at imdb ...

Helmer Xan Cassavetes, the daughter of indie icon John Cassavetes, has wrapped production on her narrative feature debut "Kiss of the Damned."

The Verisimilitude/Deer Jen production stars French thesps Josephine de la Baume and Roxane Mesquida, as well as Milo Ventimiglia, while Michael Rappaport, Riley Keough and Anna Mouglalis co-star.

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What do u think?? Little vampir movie with our beloved Milo :D :D Remember the cool pic a few days ago :D <3 - OK I am sorry a month ago :D



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