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If my sister wasn't visiting me this week on her vacation, I would've been in here, spamming y'all every day! But, she saved you guys :P So you just get one massive post.

Milo was just on BBC Radio 1 in the UK on the Jo Whiley show. I dragged myself outta bed at 4 a.m. only to have her say he wouldn't be on til 5:30, d'oh! But it was still a great interview, and Adrian Pasdar joined them for the last segment, woo! Here is the audio rip I did:


Please credit me (SimplySonia is fine) for that rip if you re-post/share anywhere, and thank you for doing so. I got up REALLY EARLY to do that :P

Milo has been making some stops around the world to promote HEROES. They include Munich, Paris, and London. Instead of posting all the photos I managed to collect (some thanks to FanForum), I'm giving you the links to the 3 albums at my PhotoBucket.

Munich, August 25, 2007 (Milo is in LADERHOSEN [or however it's spelled] in some of the pics in this album so DON'T MISS THEM!!! original source)

Paris - August 28, 2007

London - August 30, 2007

And finally, behind-the-cut are pics of Milo being serenaded by My Name Is Earl's Jamie Pressly at the Hot in Hollywood charity event he attended not long ago.

He paid $7,000 for this song! )

Whoo! And I'm done. XPosted to [livejournal.com profile] milo_daily & [livejournal.com profile] miloventimiglia


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