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yeah, and no at the same time, milo lost, but sterling and Gerald McRaney won.

Best Actor, Drama Sterling K. Brown “This Is Us” (NBC)
Guest Actor, Drama Gerald McRaney “This Is Us” (NBC)

opening - just watch it - just died here - "your fans wanna see you dead" :D

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very nice interview, he is such a good person i think ..

and yes jess is awesome *lol*


Pop Portfolio - August 2017 - Milo Ventimiglia

Much ink has been spilled about the era of Peak TV, but it can be easy to overlook the fact that—amid the prestige cable limited series, the star-studded anthologies, the movie stars parachuting in and out of HBO, the streaming shows bred for bingeing, the production whims and mercurial schedules of TV creators being indulged by executives all proclaiming to be the most artist-friendly—there is still network television, its steady thrum of massive 22-episode seasons, and its even bigger audiences returning week after week. These are still the shows that America tunes into, even if the think pieces aren't being written about them. Which is not to say that there is no art and skill to such scale.

more here

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Milo Ventimiglia isn’t a father. But he plays a really great one on TV. And it’s beginning to rub off on him.

“Your parents are these gods getting you through life, and playing Jack, I’ve really started to understand just exactly what that commitment and that love was to raise a child. My god my parents were saints,” the This Is Us actor, who used his father as an inspiration for Jack, tells Yahoo TV. “My dad is the greatest guy. He was never not there for us kids.”

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This is the year Milo Ventimiglia became a dad — at least on TV.

The 39-year-old actor already enjoyed a reputation as a Hollywood heartthrob, playing younger parts like those of irresistibly brooding teen Jess Mariano on “Gilmore Girls” and empath Peter Petrelli on “Heroes.” But he finally got to act his age for the role of Jack Pearson, a father who — after the death of one of his newborn triplets — decides to adopt an orphaned baby on the premiere episode of NBC’s “This Is Us.”



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i love the idea, that Jack and little kate have a "talk" before kates wedding ...


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