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i am so happy right now :)

Family matters — a lot — and This Is Us is proving it in charming and clever ways. NBC’s new dramedy is winning viewers with a fairly novel take on the family drama/comedy, one that toys with time, convention, and, sure, our emotions. Which is why we decided to go behind the scenes of the feel-good hit of the fall in this week’s EW cover story.

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Milo talks about his favorite aspects of the saga!

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So, I get Google alerts for anything Milo related, and I found an eBay listing for the 1995 El Modena High School yearbook. That's the year Milo graduated. Take a look at the price tag! :o

There are some scans of the yearbook, with pages that have Milo pictures. Some of them are ones I haven't seen before, like the one behind the cut

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There's a small new pic of Milo (at least one I've never seen before), as well as a preview paragraph on what S3 of HEROES will be about. Slight spoilers, just a general "This is what we're gonna do this season" description.

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Credit to [livejournal.com profile] _theo for the scan :]
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Phew! I'm tired. LOL. If anyone has any problems with the scans then let me know.
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