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Aug. 21st, 2012 12:52 pm
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Here are a few pics I forgot to post. Sorry I haven´t a source anymore, so please comment if u know it, or if u posted it anywhere, so I can edit the source :)

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Milo Ventimiglia visiting the workshop to discussing possible projects . . .
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I am so sorry that I posted this pic, I don´t delete it,  so no person other than me could be so stupid and fall for the trick :(
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credit http://filmdroid.blog.hu/2010/10/30/the_divide_poszter

Translation via dictionary.com - don´t speak Hungarian :D!! 

The Frontier (s) and the director of Hitman, Xavier Gens has been entrusted to the movie The Divide. The show is at the beginning of a major explosion in New York will be equal to the earth, and the survivors pulled themselves over the ground. But even here they are harassed by some guy HAZMAT uniforms. Among other things, Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette, and Courtney B. Milo Ventimiglia Vance will appear in the making. If you have not yet seen the trailer, you can even see the poster after.

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... here is another picture of Milo (from yesterday, I believe). With a bottle of water, how I love that! I think the shooting of The Divide is finished by now, right?

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Armored is scheduled to release December 4th!
First Promo Pics(I think)

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Will you be seeing it?
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More pictures at the source

And New GAMER Clip with Milo. Probably not safe for work.
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When I went to the Golden Apple Rest signing a while back I was so overwhelmed with the reality of Milo's gorgeousness that I absolutely froze at the moment of confrontation. I think I said "Hi" and my name "Natalie". Fascinating, right? Exactly. So in the weeks leading up to this past Sunday's Collectors Paradise Berserker signing I tried to prepare myself. My mantra was "Be cool. Be cool. Don't spazz." My cousin, my best friend and I arrived at the shop at about 11:30, claimed the last spot inside the blessedly air conditioned store and in the last few Milo free moments I was totally cool. My companions were woefully under-educated regarding all things comic, nerdy and geeky so I had to do a lot of explaining.

Then Milo arrived...sigh...my mantra was gone. All that admirable levelheadedness was booted by a case of the giggles. Not laughter. Not chuckles. Giggling, as if I was 12, intolerably stupid and sitting through a sex ed course.

I giggled as I took the stalker-ish photos from across the room, as I told my friends who "those other guys" were, as we planned who would take pictures of who. Giggling is so not me. But I could not stop! I tried desperately to calm my belligerence as I had my book signed by Jeff and Russ....but the battle was lost as soon as Milo looked at me and said "Thanks for coming out." That messy Jess-esque hair, those eyes....swoooon!

I said "Hi" (deja vu) and dissolved once more. Apparently...giggling works better than shocked silence. I apologized for my silliness with a brilliant "I'm sorry" and...you guys aren't gonna believe this, its amaaaaazing. He said "Whats to apologize for? Beautiful smile and laugh..." Yeah you can squeal 'cause I did! But wait, wait! It gets even better! Like all the others before and after me, I asked for a picture and when I leaned in for my cousin to snap the shot he didn't just put a hand on the small of my back or make the classic Jess smirk that melts me completely....he rested his head on my shoulder. I could actually feel his wonderfully tousled hair tickling the side of my face and neck....sigh...I squealed of course, so loud, and let my head drop onto his. I don't think I regained all my cognitive functions for about 24 hours. Even now, reminiscing, I can't remove this idiotic smile from my face.


It was so AMAZING that I don't even care that I came out looking like a lunatic hehehe. Wow...good times. :)
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So I got the pleasure of meeting Milo yesterday at the comic signing and it was quite the event. I was incredibly excited and pleased to see that he was so nice and down to Earth. I have some pictures behind the cut.

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May. 25th, 2009 06:58 pm
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I was browsing the net and came across these random Milo pictures. They're from a while back but I haven't seen them before :P

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Go to https://nbcuphotobank.com/sales/home.php and search Milo Ventimiglia. It will return some great, never-before-seen (at least not by me) pictures.

EDIT TO ADD: Spoiler warning! Some images that show up are for tonight's episode, 1961.


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