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only one pic so far.. i'll make sure to update if more turn up

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One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols are spending their Thanksgiving holiday this year fulfilling exactly what the holiday is about; giving thanks to others. The young stars, along with Heroes's Milo Ventimiglia, are currently overseas generously giving their time and talent to the troops and their families stationed in Germany and Turkey.

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Milo Ventimiglia shares a meal with a soldier in the mess hall of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) just outside of Baghdad, Iraq. The 31-year-old Heroes star visited some real life heroes while traveling to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan from July 6 to 12. He opened up to Men’s Vogue about his experience overseas:

What inspired you to get involved and take a USO (United Service Organizations) tour? Whether you support war, or don’t support war, there’s no reason not to support a soldier. It’s a very honorable thing that they’re entering into.

How did your girlfriend and family feel about you going? Everybody close to me was a little nervous about me traveling abroad through a war zone, but the one message I got from everyone was to be safe and come home. Everyone was supportive. And everybody was happy when I got home.

Check out the slideshow of USO pictures that Milo took himself at MensVogue.com.

Pictured below: Promo shots of Milo, 31, with his costar and girlfriend Hayden Panettiere, 19.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of tonight’s season premiere of Heroes???
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