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its like the first time I watched the trailer - 10 seconds and i am in tears ...

and some very interesting spoiler too:

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the code doesnt work at all so here is the link:

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I am such a bad fan, I completely missed this video until now, and it looks really good oO

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...with Milo  ... yippie :D

no mustache, thx god :D
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When the trailer for This Is Us—NBC’s much-talked aboutParenthood meets Modern Family-esque drama—was first released in May 2016, it was an instant hit: The video scored a staggering 15 million Facebook views in just the first 48 hours. It’s hard to remember a time in recent TV history that a new show has drawn so much interest before it’s even premiered. But stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia aren’t surprised about the family drama's wide-spread appeal. "There's something for everybody in [This Is Us],” says Moore. Adds Ventimiglia: “There's something about this show that pulls people together because it's inclusive of age, of race, of gender, of every walk of life, and I think there couldn’t be a more perfect time with the [current] state of the world."

They're right, but we think the undeniable chemistry between Moore and Ventimiglia—who play husband and wife (relationship goals)—also helps. In person, they’re so comfortable with each other that it’s surprising to learn they only recently met at their screen test. But, as fate would have it, they nearly crossed paths more than a decade prior. It’s a story kind of like This Is Us—just when you think you have things planned out, life intervenes. Here, the charismatic duo fill us in on their first meeting, their biggest hurdles in life, and finding true happiness.


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i do not cry, I have feelings in my eyes!!! *ahhhhhhhhhhhhh*
sadly no milo in the trailer but that isn´t a surprise, because the talking is still 24/7 :D

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did u ever started crying during a promo?! I just did :D :(
can´t wait to watch it, it really looks so good!

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The first three episodes of Relationship Status will be available on Go90 beginning on April 29th. Eight more episodes of the series will arrive in the following three weeks.

oh my god milo :D :D




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