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Milo winner of the New Trend of The Year award at Seoul Drama Awards for Chosen.

He looked so good, sadly I can´t find more pics....

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anybody watched it already?! Like season 1 I am not able to watch it *grml*

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One Tree Hill alum Chad Michael Murray will star opposite Ventimiglia, who is reprising his role as Ian Mitchell in the action drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

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it looks like that Chosen is on Pay TV?!?

Chosen, FX, 4.30pm

An action-packed and slightly silly mini-series in which Milo Ventimiglia stars as LA lawyer Ian, who one morning is greeted at his front door by a strange package and a hail of bullets. Turns out he has been chosen to murder a particular person. If he doesn't, his wife (Australian Nicky Whelan) and daughter will be killed instead.

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Production on the new season of the action-drama will begin in the summer.


It´s great, but I wasn´t even able to watch season 1 - damn it *cry*
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Collider:  When you read this script, was your immediate reaction that it was something that sounded original and you wanted to do it, or was there any hesitation about pulling it off for a web series?

MILO VENTIMIGLIA:  No, there was zero hesitation.  When I first read it, I was like, “Wow, how scary is this?,” because it could happen.  It’s like this secret Illuminati group that could pull the strings enough to have a normal upstanding member of society be forced to kill and have to look over their shoulder, or they’ll be killed themself, and it’s all a sick game.  So for me, it was never a question of, “Can we pull this off?”  We had the resources.

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I really love the first pic!
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Hope u like it :) Love this trailer!

Web series "Chosen"

29 Icons - animated and jpeg
13 Gifs
03 Daily Pics


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you tube link - yeahhhh :D

Source: CrackleMarketing

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