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Production on the new season of the action-drama will begin in the summer.


It´s great, but I wasn´t even able to watch season 1 - damn it *cry*
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Heroes alum Milo Ventimiglia is heading to Sony's digital platform Crackle.

The actor, who most recently completed TNT's Frank Darabont pilot L.A. Noir, will star in and executive produce Chosen, a half-hour drama from creators Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night: Dark Days) and Ryan Lewis (High School).

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Seven Couples. One Hotel Suite. Lots of Baggage. Watch the Better Sleep Council's seven-episode anthology web series, Suite 7 premiering December 17th on MyLifetime.com.
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The setting for the comedic drama series is a suite in a New York hotel. In each episode, a new couple or group—newlyweds, a divorcing couple, siblings, best friends—checks into Suite 7 and unpacks their “emotional baggage.” The bed is at the center of the room, literally and figuratively—the mattress is the catalyst for every conflict resolution. Thematically, “Suite 7” will focus on renewal, necessary changes and overall life improvement. The “mattress as hero” message will be threaded through in creative ways.
The “Suite 7” cast includes a host of recognizable Hollywood stars:
* Craig Bierko (“Damages,” “Cinderella Man”)
* Shannen Doherty (“Beverly Hills, 90210”)
* Illeana Douglas (“Easy to Assemble,” “Entourage”)
* Josh Malina (“The West Wing”)
* Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes,” “Gilmore Girls”)

premiere episode is in production this month and will launch in December, going live on MyLifetime.com (www.mylifetime.com) and all of its platforms—Hulu, YouTube and Verizon VCast. A new five- to-eight- minute episode is expected to air each week.

Episode 1 also will launch in December on the BSC website, www.bettersleep.org and the ISPA website, www.sleepproducts.org.

more Infos: http://www.sleepproducts.org/ISPANEW/BedTimes/Articles/2010/October/BetterSleepCouncilJumpsIntoSocialMedia.html
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I downloaded the hi-res version of Episode 1 of It's A Mall World (now available at the AE website) and made 47 caps of Milo's cameo as Jacob, the emo with black nail polish *dies*, if anyone is interested :)

Jacob caps

Since Photobucket kinda shrunk them though, here's a Zip file of all 47 caps at their original 850 x 480 pixel size too :)


They are a bit dodgy cause I had to do them by hand (Print Screen, go into Photoshop, File, New, Paste, Cut, Crop, Save), but hopefully y'all will enjoy anyways.

2 samples )

I'd appreciate credit (you can credit SimplySonia) if they get used for anything, and thanks for it!

I also totally recommend IAMW cause it was quite amusing for under 4 minutes!

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HEROES ONLINE has pics from last night's It's A Mall World Premiere & Launch. SO many of the Heroes cast members came out to support Milo; so awesome!

It's A Mall World Launch

It's A Mall World Premiere Arrivals

A few examples )

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