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Today a little Suit 7 update. Feel free to us it, if u like. During the next week I am going to make a few Temp Life icons, perhaps animated stuff too.

Would be happy about comments :) 




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Hey guys thought I'd let you all know incase you've not seen it yet that Milo's episode of Suite 7 is up.

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I closed the poll, the results: 7-Yes 11-No, so from now on we're going to post web episodes when Milo is in it. I know some of you want to watch every episode, for you guys here are Suite 7 and The Temp Life's social networking (I hope this sentence makes sense):

Go subscribe, follow, like them and you won't miss the episodes! :)
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Seven Couples. One Hotel Suite. Lots of Baggage. Watch the Better Sleep Council's seven-episode anthology web series, Suite 7 premiering December 17th on MyLifetime.com.
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The setting for the comedic drama series is a suite in a New York hotel. In each episode, a new couple or group—newlyweds, a divorcing couple, siblings, best friends—checks into Suite 7 and unpacks their “emotional baggage.” The bed is at the center of the room, literally and figuratively—the mattress is the catalyst for every conflict resolution. Thematically, “Suite 7” will focus on renewal, necessary changes and overall life improvement. The “mattress as hero” message will be threaded through in creative ways.
The “Suite 7” cast includes a host of recognizable Hollywood stars:
* Craig Bierko (“Damages,” “Cinderella Man”)
* Shannen Doherty (“Beverly Hills, 90210”)
* Illeana Douglas (“Easy to Assemble,” “Entourage”)
* Josh Malina (“The West Wing”)
* Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes,” “Gilmore Girls”)

premiere episode is in production this month and will launch in December, going live on MyLifetime.com (www.mylifetime.com) and all of its platforms—Hulu, YouTube and Verizon VCast. A new five- to-eight- minute episode is expected to air each week.

Episode 1 also will launch in December on the BSC website, www.bettersleep.org and the ISPA website, www.sleepproducts.org.

more Infos: http://www.sleepproducts.org/ISPANEW/BedTimes/Articles/2010/October/BetterSleepCouncilJumpsIntoSocialMedia.html


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