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With all the excitement of comic con, I wanted to direct you to something that just blew my mind. I bought the audiobook to pass the time on my 5 hour trip from NYC to Washington DC. A commute that I often make. The story of Daniel X is similar to Harry Potter in many ways though not as clever. To be honest, the story and writing are mediocre.

I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that Milo does an amazing job reading the book. He brings such emotion and intensity to the story. He does over a dozen different voices...very well. There's even a demon alien with a British accent!!! He sounds nothing like himself when he does the voices. I'm just amazed how he has a conversation with himself in two different voices...back and forth effortlessly. His voice is so clear and animated. He brought such sympathy to the character of Daniel X that I'll bet would not have translated as well on paper.

In short...I think Milo does an amazing job. It just shows how versatile and talented he is. I highly recommend that you pick it up and you too will be amazed at Milo's "hidden" talent. :D
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Milo narrated an audio book, Edward's Eyes, by Patricia MacLachlan, and here's a link to a page with a sample


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