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He is there, and I´m not. :-(


And someone twittered "I met and hugged Milo Ventimiglia today!!! God, he is sooooooo hot and so friendly :) He and I talked and laughed! <3"

...I can easily see that.
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 I attended the Heroes panel at the brand-new Indigo Ballroom at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront yesterday, and somehow managed to get front row center so...I took lots of pix :D Use em, share em, spread em...enjoy them!

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Via @EWAusielloFiles on Twitter, click for not much bigger but fullsize:

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I was browsing today and came across these pictures. I haven't seen them before and i don't think anyone else has posted them :)

Image credit: http://www.heroes-france.com
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Milo was featured on FRESH INK on Monday's episode of ATTACK OF THE SHOW :] Nothing like sitting down to watch one of your favorite shows and having Milo pleasantly surprise you! Quick interview with Blair Butler on BERSERKER and what it's about.

Vid and a few caps behind the cut.

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I'm super bored and found these photos, so I figured I'd upload and post 'em.

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Back from the wonderful world of Comic Con as well this week.

I love Comic Con - it was just too fun. Fri Sat Sun were sold out and it really felt like they were too lol - so many people but for the most part people were polite and didn't try to be rude. Sat and Sun were panel days for me so I wasn't on the floor that much but it was worth it. :) I also ran into other people from the forums, LJ, as well as other online sites - it was fun :)

I have to agree - Heroes was one of the best panels at the con this year. The cast is just awesome together and apart. Biggest surprise for me was that Adrian was so freaking damn hot in person - I mean he's hot on the show but you have no idea how beautiful that man is until you're right there second row in front of him lol!!! Milo was just so good looking - such a treat to see them all right there in front of you on not on the tv screen lol.

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Just found this and figured it deserved a post all its own

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A LOVELY SOUL by the name of Honey-Girl over at FanForum posted the following photos of Milo and some of his HEROES co-stars :)

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