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Milo is guest for the second time on this show. I suggest downloading it, it´s an hour long and Milo comes in at minute 29. It´s good to hear his voice. And this laughter. And his swearing. It´s here:

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Milo along with Russ Cundiff, Rick Loverd & Ron Richards discuss Berserker #0 & #1..

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Here's a link where you can listen or download:

The Gary and Dino Show (podcast)

Um, word of warning, Milo is sort of being his usual foul-mouthed self here. Not for those offended by his use of colorful language. Heh.

EDIT: You can skip the first 35 minutes or so unless you wanna hear the DJ's talk about a guy who predicted an earthquake in LA.

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How Is Heroes Star Milo Ventimiglia Spending His Valentine’s Day??:
Our pal, and Heroes star, Milo Ventimiglia popped by The Morning Mash Up to talk about the new season of the much talked and complained about show. Aside from talking about all the changes that have been made behind the scenes and launching his new comic books, Milo also mentioned what he’ll be doing for Valentine’s day.

Interviewer: "Are you a momma's boy?"
Milo: "I totally am!"

Awww, adorable! I love it when he talks about his parents! He's so sweet!

Listen to the short interview here! (no Heroes spoilers)
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The interview is "different". It seemed very unprofessional. I don't know why. The main interviewer couldn't pronounce Milo's last name and he didnt need to add the little bit at the end about Milo and Hayden and their age difference after he got off the phone with Milo. I found this interview when I was searching for a way to buy Rest online. What do you think? It felt a bit like the Twilight Zone.

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My Brosef & I were watching GHOST HUNTERS so I didn't get to watch or really listen to Milo on The Movie Blog tonight. But I left my Audacity recording the audio bit. The file is about 42 minutes long, I believe? And unfortunately, because I accidentally closed the video window, at one point early on ... you're most likely going to hear 2 audio tracks overlapping for like a minute or two until I finally closed the 2nd window I opened to get the video to start again. Sorry.


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I don't mind if any of this is cross posted as long as you credit SimplySonia for the rip and caps, plz n thx.


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