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yeah, and no at the same time, milo lost, but sterling and Gerald McRaney won.

Best Actor, Drama Sterling K. Brown “This Is Us” (NBC)
Guest Actor, Drama Gerald McRaney “This Is Us” (NBC)

opening - just watch it - just died here - "your fans wanna see you dead" :D

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 Papa Jack and little Randall won at Sunday :)

Tbh  it is not really a surprise for me.


presenting with chrissy metz

thats so cute!

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... his parents are in the audience .. really short video, and bad quality, but I find it really moving...
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excuse me , I have to cry for a moment :D *yeah *

"I’ve always been pretty vocal about ‘Gilmore’ and I know everybody’s been waiting, and I was like, ‘That will never happen,’ and it’s totally happening,” Ventimiglia said. “While I was actually here, I got an email from the producers.
“Again, I’m always vocal (about producers) Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino; they’re two of my favorite people and two of my favorite writers ever of all time. Just to be able to speak their words again, of course I would do it. So I told them, yeah, of course I’ll do it."


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Who else is happy about this *lol*

The Dean, Jess Logan Team thing is still funny *lol* - I was always Team Jess, not only because of milo, but Dean was most of the time so good, and a bit boring, and the hair... -_-, - sorry dean fans *lol* - and logan was a dick :D -> Milo´s Words too :D


Jared: "Dean always tried to do the right thing. He wasn't always the right guy, he made mistakes, but he was young and impressionable. He was just trying to be a good guy. He didn't have all the tools that he should have, but he was young and he cared about this girl, and he was heartbroken. So give Dean a chance!" Would Dean and Rory work now? "I think Dean and Rory could find happiness as friends," he said. "To look at each other and be like, 'You know what? You were a nice guy, you were a nice girl. I'm glad we were a part of each other's lives, but you moved on and I'm glad you moved on.'"

Matt: "At the end, Logan obviously asked Rory to marry him, and I think she gave the absolute right answer in 'no.' My answer to all of that would be that she should be on her own, which is the way it finished out, because so much of her growth was about going into the unknown at the end. In a lot of ways, Logan made her find that in herself, so I think she should be on her own doing her own thing and not being with anyone." He also agreed that Rory and Logan could be great friends now. "I think they would have a really, really cool friendship. One where they could kind of support each other like they did at the Yale Daily News when Logan came in and saved the day for Rory. I think they could have a cool, supportive friendship based on the experiences they've had in between."

Milo: Milo says that when Jess came back to tell Rory that Logan wasn't right for her, it wasn't a plea to get back with him—he just wanted her to be treated right. "You care about people, you spend time with people, and I think that was the nice kind of ending with Jess was no matter what, he always loved Rory," he said. When it came to imagining their future, he wasn't so serious: "Flowers would bloom, children would sing, the gates of heaven would open—who knows, I have no idea," he jokes of their romantic reunion.


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 We already have some pics of this event, but now I found a video too.  I love his hat <3
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